The Rico Group

Comprehensive marketing programs tailored to your specific growth desires.
Our industrial clients typically see a 10x ROI (or more) from our efforts.
We specialize in telling your job shop’s unique story in simple yet engaging ways.
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-globe” layout=”3 prime” css_animation=”fadeInDown” title=”MAXIMUM EXPOSURE” text=”We specialize in strategies and tools that will drive maximum exposure for your manufacturing company or job shop. Our methods are geared toward achieving better site rankings and overall brand visibility to bring in more qualified leads.” image=”3014″]
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” layout=”3 prime” css_animation=”fadeInDown” title=”UP-TO-DATE INDUSTRIAL MARKETING THAT DELIVERS” text=”We deliver marketing that is as sound as your manufacturing process! Methods that are timely and timeless that deliver optimal results. Partnering with us means you’ll have access to the latest developments in marketing.” image=”3013″]
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-tachometer” layout=”3 prime” css_animation=”fadeInDown” title=”BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & ROI” text=”We deliver high quality, quantitative marketing efforts utilizing the most current marketing developments and processes. Our clients typically see a 10x ROI or more (return on investment).” image=”3015″]
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[wd_headings headings_title=”THE RICO GROUP IS YOUR INDUSTRIAL MARKETING PARTNER” headings_subtitle=”We help ambitious industrial manufacturers and job shops eliminate the stress and confusion of finding consistent new business in the digital age by developing and executing ongoing processes that generate sales ready leads to increase and diversify your customer base, set you apart from your competition, and achieve higher year over year growth. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in strategic marketing specifically for industrial manufacturers. We know your business, your processes, your tools, and we know how to talk to both engineers and buyers. We are experts in job shops and we know how we help you increase sales, grow your business, and attract and retain customers.” headings_subtitle_tag=”p” headings_alignment=”left” headings_separator=”border” headings_separator_border_color=”#002597″ headings_separator_border_width=”4px” wd_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_sub_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_heading_spacing=”30″]

We offer results-driven marketing solutions

for industrial companies of all shapes and sizes. Let us take care of your marketing so that you can focus on doing what you do best… which is keeping your production going.

[wd_headings headings_title=”Choose the Solution that is Right for your Company” headings_subtitle=”” headings_subtitle_tag=”p” headings_separator=”border” headings_separator_border_color=”#002597″ headings_separator_border_width=”4px” wd_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_sub_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_sub_heading_color=”#ffffff” wd_heading_spacing=”30″]
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-question-circle” layout=”5″ css_animation=”fadeInRight” title=”FULL SERVICE MARKETING” text=”We are your complete bolt on marketing department & we will take care of all your marketing needs; without the high costs of hiring in-house marketing people and with a minimal time investment on your part.” image=”2698″][wd_empty_spaces height_mobile=”10″ height_tablet=”20″ height_desktop=”30″]
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-question-circle” layout=”5″ css_animation=”fadeInRight” title=”INDIVIDUAL SERVICES” text=”Need assistance in only one or two areas? Maybe you are simply looking to refresh your website, build new social pages, or a creative new ad campaign. We are happy to provide any of our amazing marketing services à La Carte.” image=”2700″][wd_empty_spaces height_mobile=”10″ height_tablet=”20″ height_desktop=”30″]
[wd_icon_text image_checkbox=”yes” icon=”fa-question-circle” layout=”5″ css_animation=”fadeInRight” title=”HYBRID PACKAGE” text=”Looking for something in between full-service and à La Carte? We will work with you to put together a custom-tailored package, combining monthly programs + individual services, covering exactly what you need and no more.” image=”2699″][wd_empty_spaces height_mobile=”10″ height_tablet=”20″ height_desktop=”30″]

We know what results you are looking for and we can help you achieve them.

[wd_headings headings_title=”Unapologetically Industrial” headings_subtitle=”Learn more about the The Rico Group and why you should work with us.” headings_subtitle_tag=”p” headings_separator=”border” headings_separator_border_color=”#002597″ headings_separator_border_width=”4px” wd_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_heading_color=”#ffffff” wd_sub_heading_font_weight=”400″ wd_sub_heading_color=”#ffffff” wd_heading_spacing=”30″]

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All of the benefits of an in-house marketing department… without the full-time price.

We offer three marketing paths:

  1. We step in and are your complete marketing department.
  2. We can help in specific areas of your choosing.
  3. Some combination of the two paths above.

You focus on production… We will handle the rest.

Our solutions seamlessly and effectively combine digital + analog marketing tactics to drive better results for your industrial business. Our clients swear by our strategies—because they work. The best part of our marketing approach… We do all of the work for you!

Today, 70% to 80% of an engineer’s sourcing decisions have been made online before they make contact with any vendor. Our Free Online Performance Analysis will give you the insights you need to know how your online presence is performing and what your competitors are doing. This data will help you make the adjustments to your platform to continue to grow your company. Includes a free professional consultation to go over the results and answer any questions you may have.

Free Audit

How do you get your company in front of your prospects faster and how do you keep it there? Our free guide goes over specific tactics, as well as the way you look at your business, and how your customer, the engineer, thinks. Download your copy now:

In April 2020 we did a 4-part webinar series on how to keep your marketing going during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic. Please give the recordings a listen and download free infographics:

Looking for affordable quality web hosting, domain names, security, SSL certificates, auto-backups, and more? Take a look at what we offer:

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