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Webinar Series:
Marketing During These Unique Times

Right now we are truly living and working through very unique times. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing industrial manufacturers to face a variety of new challenges. There have been supply chain disruptions, an economic recession, workforce health risks, along with challenges in adapting to new processes and dealing with new aggressive cybersecurity issues. This webinar series highlights the importance of building and maintaining a steady relationship with your customers / vendors / suppliers / prospects, especially now when one-on-one physical interactions are not possible or are very limited.

WEEK 1 : This week we chatted about paid advertising and properly utilizing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns with our Paid Ad Expert Dylan Carpenter. We discussed strategies that you can employ right now on LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook to keep your business in front of your clients and prospects. We also talked about how to use those social company’s free tools to track the performance of your ads.

Week 2 : This week we talked Sales with Michael Sobolewski, a sales consultant, who helps businesses get their marketing & sales teams working at a much higher level to close sales faster. We discussed the relationship between sales and marketing as well as some specific strategies you should consider implementing during this difficult time to help your job shop recover faster once the crisis has passed.

Week 3 : We sat down with our Art Director, Alain Abeyta, and spoke about the specific roles that your company branding, design, & corporate image play in your overall marketing efforts. We also give you a few specific ideas that you can use right now to differentiate your company from your competitors, some design tactics you can use to increase sales, as well as how to build and maintain a recognizable brand.

Week 4 : We spoke with the CEO of LeadSmart, Kevin Brown. LeadSmart is a comprehensive Sales and Marketing platform that gives companies a complete system to track, engage with, & close sales. We discussed sales cycles & user-friendly systems you can implement right now. Learn how to funnel all of your leads, from your various marketing channels, through easy-to-use systems that will help you close more deals.

With over 30 years of experience, The Rico Group specializes in helping industrial manufacturers and job shops grow their business and diversify their customer base. We know how engineers think and what they are looking for. We know your processes, equipment, and materials. We also know that you have very little time to take away from your production and getting your customer’s orders delivered.

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