Bolt-On Marketing

The Rico Group is Your Bolt-On Marketing Department : Focused On Job Shops & Industrial Manufacturers

Too many industrial companies are using a hit-and-miss approach to their marketing, which just creates frustration over the lack of return on investment (ROI). The Rico Group is here to solve that issue. We are truly your bolt-on marketing department. Our solutions seamlessly and effectively combine digital + analog marketing tactics to drive better results for your industrial business. Our industrial clients swear by our strategies – because they work.

Our solutions give you the full capabilities of an in-house marketing department at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a full-time marketing crew.

Your Bolt-On Full-Service Industrial Marketing Department:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Trade Show Booth Design and Graphics
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • eNewsletters
  • Presentations
  • Logo/Branding Development
  • Training Videos
  • Process Documentation Videos
  • Marketing Automation

We specialize in telling your job shop’s unique story in simple yet engaging ways – by incorporating captivating images, sharp copy, and clean design, coupled with data analytics, to enhance both your online and offline presence.

For over 30 years, The Rico Group has proven that even the most technical audience responds to creative ideas. Our enterprising approach in developing full-service marketing programs has helped a variety of industries and small businesses generate new leads and steadily grow. Over the years we’ve worked with a large number of machine shops, industrial manufacturers, and job shops. We’ve helped them gain more profitable customers by building & managing a marketing process with measurable ROI.

We give you:

  • Measurable results
  • Industrial expertise
  • 10x + ROI on each dollar spent

Whether you sell custom hardware, medical devices, complex machinery, or fasteners, we understand the specific facets of creating marketing strategies to help industrial companies grow.

Marketing Consulting

An experienced consultant can help you discover, develop, implement, upgrade, and innovate your industrial marketing strategies with the best up-to-date practices that will help you achieve your sales goals. We have been a successful marketing company, laser-focused on industrial manufacturers and job shops, for over 30 years. Our industrial clients swear by our strategies – because they work.

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Web Design & Development

Your company website is your digital storefront for today’s hyper-connected engineering consumers. We build better industrial business websites that combine impressive images with enticing copy targeted directly to your engineer customers. Our bolt-on marketing department approach brings all of your web marketing channels and activities together to deliver optimal results that will keep your phones ringing.

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More search engine visibility = more sales. Proper industrial manufacturing SEO helps you gain traction and dominate search engine rankings. Our focused and data-driven search marketing solutions are designed to increase your online visibility. Social media and search engine PPC ads are inexpensive yet essential marketing tools in today’s world. They drive more traffic to your site, increase your sales, and grow your customer base.

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Photography & Video Production

Your engineering customers expect high-quality images and videos in their social media feeds and website searches. Not only do quality pictures and videos attract customers, they also reflect how much you value their experience. We know how to leverage the power of visual storytelling to convey your job shop’s unique image and message.

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Tradeshow Booths & Graphics

The promise of cost savings and efficiency with digital marketing cannot be ignored, but analog methods still have the power to cultivate tangible, long-lasting relationships with people. Trade shows can be an extremely effective tool to reach your target industrial audience. We design trade show booth displays and promotional materials to help you make the most of every event you attend.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you the opportunity to take your customer relationships to another level… but only if used correctly. Social platforms allow industrial businesses to gather real-time and accurate information on what keeps the buzz going in today’s marketplace. We know where your engineer customers are, how to reach them, and how to talk to them.

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Content Creation

Your engineer customers not only demand compelling content from you, they need that high quality content to be delivered to them through several channels. This is often the most daunting task for most industrial businesses since there are so many ways to communicate your message to your target audience. Let our team of talented writers create sharp and enticing copies that will fuel your job shop’s marketing success.

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Online & Print Ad Campaigns

Traditional print ads, social media ads, and search engine PPC ads are all essential and incredibly powerful marketing tools in today’s world. They help raise awareness of your industrial company, your services, and your offerings as well as drive more traffic to your site, increase your sales, and grow your customer base.

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Email Marketing

Your industrial marketing efforts don’t stop at capturing leads, you need to do something with those leads. Email marketing is a great way to keep your business and offerings in front of your industrial clients and prospects on a regular basis. It is a widely used, efficient, and cost-effective method for new customer acquisition, building brand awareness, and increasing overall sales. It also helps build trust and loyalty with your customers.

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