Our Team

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Over three decades ago, Rico Mandel (a passionate photographer and graphic artist with a background in sales) decided to do more with his wide variety of skills and formed The Rico Group. When the agency began, Rico cast a wide net and worked in many facets of food, lifestyle, and manufacturing industries. Today, The Rico Group has grown to become a reputable marketing agency, providing diverse online and offline solutions specifically to industrial manufacturing businesses.

[wd_image_with_text layout=”1″ title=”Rico Mandel” image=”990″ text=”CEO
Rico has over 30 years experience as an award winning photographer, creative director and marketer. He’s got a knack for figuring out what makes a company unique and how to get that point across to their customers. He’s worked on campaigns for fortune 500 companies and small mom and pop shops. He loves finding out how things are made and helping business owners grow their companies. He’s also a trained chef and loves everything about food, wine and travel. He loves hanging out with his family.”]
[wd_image_with_text layout=”1″ image=”991″ title=”Kim Ralph” text=”Writer and Production
Kim has over 19 years experience as an award winning designer, web designer, writer and computer repair technician. Kim graduated from the University of Laverne with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management. She has multiple certifications in digital multimedia, graphic design, web design and studio production. When she’s away from computer she enjoys working in the garden, making custom jewelry, reading, playing video games, working out, and spending time with her family”]
[wd_image_with_text layout=”1″ title=”N. Elaboubi” text=”Web Developer
Elaboubi has over 10 years experience as web developer and web designer. Elaboubi graduated from the University Mohamed V with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He has more specialized certifications in accounting, Analyst Programmer and Web programing. Aside from web development, he enjoy spending his time with his family and writing articles about video games.” image=”1351″ extra_classes=”ela”]
[wd_image_with_text layout=”1″ title=”Alain Abeyta” text=”Art Director
Alain has over 20 years experience as a top art director and designer for a variety of brands. He’s run the gamut from creating ad campaigns to retail packaging, video editing and everything in between.He possesses the knack for realizing a client’s vision, even when those visions come in the form of hastily written notes and doodles.” image=”1065″]