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2020 was a banner year all around for both IPE and their secondary division IPE Aerospace. The company has been growing about 17% per year, on average, since they began working with The Rico Group.

Explosive growth prompted the need to build a new 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility onto their main facility to accommodate their new production needs. Both divisions are working with a large number of new customers in both the R&D phases and production phases.

The Challenge

In late spring of 2018 Rico sat down with IPE and went over their current marketing plan. At that time they were participating in multiple advertising programs with industry publications however they were only utilizing a fraction of the packages that they were paying for.

The company had existing websites that were out of date and running on very old technology. They had no social presence. They had no newsletter program. They had no real plan or funnel for leads acquired from their minimal marketing efforts. In essence their marketing and advertising was mainly a few company listings in industry buyer’s guides and a presence at a handful of industry tradeshows every year.

The owner of IPE also expressed the desire to fully split off a fledgling secondary division of theirs, IPE Aerospace, and focus that division on custom machine builds and short run machining services.

The Solution

We took their existing marketing and advertising programs, evaluated each one, and adjusted and maximized each to better suit their growth goals and target markets. We focused in on what they do best to craft a clear concise message, across all of their marketing and advertising, to better differentiate them from their competitors.

We redesigned and rebranded their main website. We brought the site up to date with the latest design, platform, mobile-friendly, security, and more. We also began the process of adding more relevant customer-focused content such as technical monthly blog articles and customer service chatbots.

We re-developed all of their marketing materials, print ads, and company promotional videos to align with the new branding and messaging. We implemented new digital ad campaigns, which they were previously not utilizing.

We substantially increased their lead generation and put into place the process for nurturing and following up on those leads to turn them into sales-ready prospects.

We established and branded their secondary division IPE Aerospace. We built new marketing materials, advertisements, tradeshow booth, and a new website to help this division gain a better footing in their field and fully differentiate the division from their parent company.

For each division we have:

  • Established a clear concise brand.
  • Established a consistent marketing approach.
  • Repositioned them to focus on their core competencies.
  • Maximized their existing marketing channels.
  • Re-designed and re-positioned their company websites to bring them up to date and add more features that help their customers and prospects.
  • Established and branded relevant social media platforms.
  • Established a white paper program to better position them as an expert in their field.
  • Established monthly articles/blogs and newsletter campaigns to reinforce their expertise and generate leads.
  • Established and support their lead generation and follow-up protocols.
  • Increased the amount of inbound leads.
  • Re-designed and developed tradeshow booths and graphics.
  • Designed and implemented both digital and print advertisement campaigns.
  • Added and hosted webinars with the company and their clients.


Last 90 days (Nov 2020-Jan 2021)

  • Lead generation: 364 new leads
  • Site traffic: up 74.9%

By mid-2019 IPE had grown so dramatically they needed more space. Towards the end of the year they built a new 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility onto their main facility to accommodate their increased growth and production needs.

2020 was a banner year all around for both IPE and IPE Aerospace. They are working with a large number of new customers in both the R&D phases and production phases. “We are swamped! The company has been growing about 17% per year on average since we began working with The Rico Group. You have made my job much easier because of the fact that you handle all of the advertising coordination. Having the newsletters produced for us are getting a wider audience response. The webinars are also something that seems to be working well at our facility.” Stated the company’s owner, Anthony Green

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