New Client Website Launch – Empire Expert Cleaning LLC

We recently launched a new website for Empire Expert Cleaning LLC.

Empire Expert Cleaning offers commercial and residential cleaning using the most effective environmentally safe products and practices that are good for you, your pets, your environment, and the planet.

Empire Expert Cleaning needed a fully functional website that quickly conveyed what the company did, looked great, and also didn’t break the bank putting together. They wanted to make it clear that they are environmentally friendly and only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. The only online presence they had before contacting us was a Yelp page – no other text and no photos.

We created the site and helped them re-create their logo. Yelp is an important part of their business and we linked their yelp page to the site. We worked with them to get the essence of what they did and created a clean, easy to use, website that is designed to get them inquiries from new customers.

We made the process very easy for them through our client questionnaire and after one short call we were able to develop the look and feel of the site they wanted. Because of our intake process we were able to offer them 2 or 3 theme designs that were within the guideline of what they were looking for. We added an introductory video that gives a basic overview of their services and how they can help. We also did some basic SEO on the site so it would get picked up by the search engines.

Final results – the company now has an established, attractive, fully-functional, and easy to use website. The site itself generates regular inquiries for them and has rounded out the web presence they need to get noticed by their ideal customers in today’s hyper-connected world.

For Empire we created/updated:

  • Logo
  • Business website
  • Yelp page
  • Google business listing

Here’s a link to see the site:

Let me know what you think.
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