Is your industrial company’s LinkedIn page setup correctly?

As we stated in a previous article, LinkedIN is a professional networking site that currently has well over 750 million active business users. Users on the platform are specifically business-focused, typically the business decision-makers, and are looking for the latest updates across a wide range of industries. When creating or updating your industrial company’s LinkedIN page, there are a few places you should focus on to help increase your business networking, connections with potential new customers, and even your recruiting efforts utilizing the platform.

1.) Keep SEO in mind

LinkedIN is a valuable source for customer connections, business-related connections, and targeted business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts. Like your job shop’s website and company blog, your LinkedIN page should be optimized for SEO purposes. Add relevant keywords and key phrases to your company’s page description, tag line, and posts.

2.) Optimize your company’s page

A business page on LinkedIN is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure your business is easy to find on LinkedIN with a concise yet engaging company description and overview. Be sure that all visuals on your page match the look and feel of your other online presences (website or other social channels); this includes your logo, banner image, and images you use in your posts.

3.) Promote your page

Once your page is set up, robust, and compelling, promoting it is a good idea. Of course, you can run paid ads on the platform to boost visibility but there are other ways to promote the page that won’t cost you any money.

Here are a few free ways to do just that:

  • Add the page to your own personal LinkedIN profile. This can be done by adding yourself as an employee, or updating your employment listing, and making sure to link the correct page.
  • Ask your employees to add the page on their own employment listing on their LinkedIN profiles.
  • Add a LinkedIN icon, linked to your new company page, to your main website to drive traffic from there.
  • Promote the new business page in your company newsletter, blog, or other social media pages.
  • Add a link to the LinkedIN page in your company email signature.
  • Invite your connections to follow your new business page and encourage your employees to do the same.
  • And more.

4.) Keep your page active

You need to be sure to keep your page active with regular posts. You should strive for a minimum of twice a week, but the most important thing about posting is that you are consistent. Choose a schedule and stick with it. Your posts also need to be beneficial to your target audience to help keep you in their mind as a trusted resource and expert in your field.

Keep in mind that not all of your posts need to be original content about your company. You can curate content from other sources such as news outlets, trade publications, and more. Share items or articles that you feel would be beneficial to your customers. When you come across a good piece to share, keep the URL for when you need it.

5.) Make your posts interesting

Make sure your posts have a strong headline, keep your post copy short, be sure you have a clear call to action, and include an image or video with it. According to LinkedIN themselves, posts with media receive 98% more engagement than those without media. Video specifically receives five times the engagement of any other media. So don’t forget an image, video, infographic, presentation, or other engaging media.

A dominant online presence is the key to establishing a strong, recognizable, trusted brand within your industry and in today’s digital world. LinkedIN offers a variety of ways for businesses to network, market themselves, and connect with new customers and potential new employees. These tips can help you start reaping the benefits of LinkedIN for your manufacturing business.

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