Marketing During These Unique Times: Branding, Design, and Corporate Image

Part 3 of 4

In the third part of our series we go over the specific roles that branding, design, and your overall corporate image play in the growth of your business. We sat down with our own Art Director, Alain Abeyta, to discuss how to differentiate your company from your competitors, marketing and design tactics that will help you increase sales, as well as specific strategies to help you build and maintain a recognizable brand during these difficult times.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced every business to change its marketing campaigns and overall strategy. With the inability to meet face-to-face with customers and prospects, manufacturing companies are struggling to connect with their customers during these difficult times. What can be done to keep your job shop in front of your customers? First, reach out to your existing customer base to see how you can assist them and look for new or unique opportunities that you can present to both your current as well as new customers. Ask for their feedback and find ways to give back to loyal customers to show them, how much you appreciate their business. Use personalized emails and messages to communicate with your current or potential customers.

This is a great time to share personal and appealing visuals, such as:

  • Behind the scenes images or videos
  • Virtual shop tours
  • Interviews with the company’s leadership

These things will not only boost your company’s reputation and keep you in front of your customers, they also allow you to better connect with your existing and any potential future customers. Just make sure to keep a coherent and consistent message throughout all of your marketing materials.

Did you know that a dedicated art director helps you set the right tone for all of your marketing materials? They also help produce engaging collateral pieces, social media graphics, print media ad campaigns, online ad campaigns, and so much more. Keep in mind that the role of an art director is not limited to simply creating visually appealing content. They strive to understand each of your customers needs and explore new creative ideas to promote your company within your budget.

Your industrial manufacturing company needs to properly plan your long-term marketing strategy in order for it to be successful. An art director is only one piece of the creative process puzzle. Their job is to research what your competitors are doing and put together a unique content plan you give you an edge over your competition. The plan is then executed with the help of talented graphic designers. They ensure that the text and visuals all tie together to send the right message about your company.

Proper company branding is very important. Branding is not just your logo and company colors, it is about creating a consistent image, or public “face”, for your company as well as the “voice” that it speaks to your audience with.

A few of the most important factors that contribute to your company’s corporate image are:

  • The type of service or experience you offer your customers
  • How your customers feel after working with you
  • How you engage with your customers (whether it is in print, online, over the phone, or in person)
  • How you fulfill your customers’ needs
  • The speed with which you resolve any potential problems
  • The message your advertising conveys
  • And much more

All these factors (and quite a bit more) contribute to what your company’s corporate image is going to be in your specific field. In order to continue to grow and thrive during this time, your business needs to find and utilize creative and consistent ways to communicate with and assist your customers and well as your prospects. Make it personal, make it attractive, stay as visible as possible, and offer them something more. Proper marketing is vital to the success of all industrial companies, along with their product and service offerings.

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