Marketing During These Unique Times: Paid Advertising and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns

In the first part of my article series about marketing during these unique times, I will go over the importance of paid advertising and PPC campaigns. I sat down and chatted with Dylan Carpenter, visibility strategist and PPC expert, who shared quite a few ideas and strategies that you should implement now and how industrial manufacturers and job shops can better utilize digital ads, especially in today’s market.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to reevaluate their overall business structure and function. Industrial manufacturers specifically are facing a wide variety of unique challenges such as supply chain disruptions, an economic recession, and workforce health risks. On top of that, there are other issues to address such as adapting to brand new processes, possibly learning to incorporate working remotely, and dealing with new cybersecurity issues. Reach out to your current customers, as well as prospective customers, through an omnichannel approach using various digital platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram through paid marketing campaigns. It is incredibly important to build and maintain a steady relationship with your customers, especially now when one-on-one physical interaction is challenging.

Being in the manufacturing industry, you are constantly working with multiple niche markets and unique projects. With most of the world currently in some type of voluntary quarantine, people are turning to digital platforms more than ever for their day-to-day needs. They are relying more and more on the web to shop, connect, work, and learn. Paid campaigns keep you in the spotlight and help you stay in touch with your customers and prospects. However, before you begin any campaigns you need to put together a strategy based on your customer’s personas and preferences — their demographics, what they like, and what they need. How do you solve the problems or issues your niche market needs help with?

I want to help you understand how imperative it is to put together a comprehensive plan for your digital marketing, the overall importance of digital marketing itself, online ad campaigns, as well as proper keyword research during this challenging time. Utilize free tools, like Google Analytics or Facebook’s Pixel, which you can use to track the performance of your ads. With these tracking tools you can quickly figure out the conversion rates against your advertisement budget to enhance your campaigns. You can also use this data to maximize your campaign effectiveness, reduce your CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and overall ad spending by testing, tweaking, and refining your message.

Keeping your marketing going during this difficult time will be critical to help your company hit the ground running once the quarantines have been lifted. What do I mean by hit the ground running? I mean that you won’t lose any traction. By shutting down your marketing efforts at this time you are truly shutting down your business. Marketing takes time to ramp up and take effect — it’s a long-term steady process that, once it’s up and running consistently will keep new prospects coming to you. You have already invested a considerable amount of time, money, and effort building your marketing — you really don’t want to start from square 1 again.

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