Why You Need to Advertise in Online Directories

Google recently reported that “8 in 10 people use online directories to search for businesses,” which means your customers are already looking for your services in relevant directories and advertising your company in those directories can significantly increase the reach of your advertising messages. If that isn’t convincing enough, here are a few more reasons why you need to have your industrial manufacturing business listed in online industry directories.

Reach More Prospective Customers
You will be more accessible to a wider group of your prospective customers if your business is listed in the places where they are already searching. Utilizing online directories means that you do not need to simply rely on organic web traffic or your SEO efforts for people to find you online. Additionally, being linked to a reputable directory site gives your own company’s image a boost and increases the value of your offering to your prospective customer.

Targeted Audience
According to a recent Search Engine Journal report “75-80% of users ignore paid ads” in their search results. This does not mean that PPC ads in search engines are not effective; it simply means that you want to position yourself in more than one place to be found by prospective customers. Advertising in online industry directories allows you to more effectively target the specific audience you are trying to reach.

Keeps Your Message Fresh
Online directories function in much the same way as your own job shop’s website – meaning that they are more fluid than a printed directory and they give you ability to update your information as needed to stay relevant to your prospective customers. You can change your message based on announcements, holidays, sales cycles, new products, current events, or other relevant company announcements.

Drive More Traffic to Your Own Website
Having your job shop listed in a reputable online directory can also help you improve your own site’s search engine rank since the URL to your site becomes a valuable inbound link for a relevant search result.

As you can see, being listed as a trusted and recommended partner in online directories helps to validate your manufacturing business and increase your chances of landing new customers. Optimized business directories not only help you gain more visibility online, but also help you provide potential customers with valuable information on how you can help them. The listing will boost your overall marketing efforts by driving your main site up in rank, attracting people who may not have been able to find you prior, and help your business stand out from competitors who are not listed.

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