Why Your Business Needs A Blog

One of the most important assets for your business.

Blogs are an excellent way for your business to help out your customers and prospects by creating content that will help your customers do their job better or solve a problem.
You may ask yourself why do I want to help my customers do their job better? The reason is simple – All companies, whether individuals or fortune 500, are in the business of solving problems or fulfilling a need for the customer. The better we are a fulfilling customer needs the more trust and loyalty our customers will have for our business.

A company blog is a powerful tool that establishes your expertise in a given field. The more answers your customers can find with your company the more likely they are to continue to come back and refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Your blog is one of the most important tools in your marketing strategy.
Here’s 3 reasons your blog is a great asset:

Search engines love blogs. There’s lots of content for them to collect, so when someone is searching on a topic your business knows, your blog will show up higher in the search rankings. Why? It’s the way the algorithms are written. The search engines want to give the best match possible to what ever the searcher is looking for.

This will help drive more traffic to your site, the more visitors the more opportunity you have to get them to contact you or buy your products.

Your blog is a primary source of customer education. It can help your customer to know more about your business, what services and products you offer and how they can benefit from them.

You can also use various media on your blog – photographs, video, charts and graphs audio content and so on to illustrate your particular point. How do I decide what topics to write on? I usually tell my clients to think of the top 5 to 10 questions they are asked most often then to turn each question into a topic for a blog post. Your post doesn’t have to be long. They can vary in length depending on the subject. I recommend mixing it up. Either way I also recommend an economy of words, if in doubt use someone else to edit your blog posts, read them out loud and see where you can trim the piece to keep it to the point.

Another thing to remember in your blog posts is to keep your reader in mind – it’s not about you it’s about them. Including links to supporting articles, videos, content on your website and blog also help enhance the reader experience and… help your SEO rankings.

The articles on your blog establish your expertise. It’s where you get to share the knowledge of your business and build your brand.

Part of your brand is your personality. My wife’s writing teacher told her to “write like you talk” This is especially important to your blog since it gives your customers an opportunity get to know your personality allowing you to connect with your “tribe”. It’s human nature to want to hang out with people who are like us… who we resonate with. Your customers come to you because they like your message and the way that message is delivered.

Sharing your expertise on a variety of topics related to your business gives you more credibility in the marketplace and attracts more buyers to you. It’s pretty simple we all want to do business with the person or company that we see as the expert in the field. Your blog establishes your expertise.
Blogging is an integral part of your sales funnel. You can do it yourself or outsource it to a company that can help you with a strategy such as The Rico Group. Either way it’s time to share your expertise with your customers and prospects.