4 keys to successful in-person events

In-person experiences offer marketing value that is unique and singular. Now that things are opening again, tradeshows are getting back in full swing! These events consistently resonate with consumers and their effectiveness can be directly attributed back to their focus on people. Basic human interaction is the foundation of all strong relationships and creating such connections is the core of any sustainable business strategy. No matter how authentic and personable your online content is, it’s still only content. Your audience can’t grab a cup of coffee with your article or white paper. They can’t get to know your infographic.

Here are the 4 main areas to focus on to ensure that your next in-person event is successful:

1.) Pre-event marketing

Send e-mail reminders to loyal customers and strong prospects before the event, urging them to stop by and see you. Make sure that you promote the event on your company blog and social media channels as well. Don’t forget to be sure to include a compelling reason why someone should take the time to come out and see you at the event.

2.) Event staff

Stress the value of friendly greetings, polite manners, and appropriate body language. Send friendly, personable people to the event that possess genuine enthusiasm for your company, as well as its products and services. These may not be your most senior people: make your choices based on effectiveness, not seniority. These people are representing you at this event, choose wisely.

Establish a code of conduct for the event. Make sure that your staff knows that being on their cell phones for any reason is unacceptable. Personal phone calls, text messages, social media, and web browsing should only be done during breaks.

Establish a dress code, or provide company-branded clothing, for your event staffers. They will look more professional and act as better ambassadors for your company. Don’t forget things like shoes, hair, and accessories: people notice the small details.

3.) Marketing materials, giveaways, and samples

Product demonstrations are a great way to draw a crowd. Make sure your team knows how to give an effective, engaging presentation by having them practice before the event. Make sure that your offerings are appropriate and appeal to the attendees of the event.

Having and distributing useful company-branded giveaways is another great way to keep you in your prospective client’s thoughts long after the event. Make sure you bring enough promotional gifts to give away. These are also best if they are tailored to your audience or target customer and if they are extremely useful. Try to choose something that you would want to receive, something you would keep and use.

Also, be sure you have good marketing collateral to give away; things like brochures, flyers, and business cards. Never make it difficult for a prospective client to contact or find out more about you and your offerings after the event has ended.

4.) Post-event follow-up

Make sure that you take the time to send a “Thank You” email to attendees for stopping by your booth, to anyone who fills out survey information (if applicable), or to anyone who participates in your demonstration (if applicable). People love it when you acknowledge them and make them feel that they are truly important to you and your business.

Possible COVID-19 precautions

Make sure to check the local rules and regulations about any potential lingering COVID masking, vaccination status, testing status, and more prior to arranging your in-person event attendance… just to be sure you are fully prepared.

The key to better in-person events is to engage prospects in thoughtful and exciting ways. Pushy sales will only get you so far. To really drive home your message and gain new business interest you need to build influence around you and your company, product, or service offering.

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