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Content Creation

Not just copywriting… we put together high-quality content that is relevant to your industrial business and is engaging for engineers and technical professionals.

Simply having a website isn’t good enough in today’s marketplace. Your industrial company’s website needs to be updated with new content, on a regular basis, to increase customer traffic and your site’s overall importance and placement with search engines. In addition, your social media presences, your company blog, and regular newsletters all need new content created on a regular basis to remain relevant and interesting.

We are your bolt-on marketing department. We specialize in telling your job shop’s unique story in simple yet engaging ways – by incorporating captivating images, sharp copy, and clean design, coupled with data analytics, to enhance both your online and offline presence.

Sounds like a big hassle? We guarantee it pays off in the long run – big time.

Some of the benefits of a good content creation strategy include:

  • Provides consistent value to your engineer customers and prospects.
  • It builds trust in your industrial company.
  • Boosts all of your online efforts and makes your website more important (rank higher) to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).
  • It’s easily shareable which will expand the size of your audience as well as the reach, which helps bring in more new opportunities.
  • Fills your online marketing channels with new and interesting content which can be used to collect data on your customers and generate new leads.
  • Establishes you as a trusted industry expert by consistently demonstrating your expertise.
  • Nurtures your relationships by creating stronger bonds between your job shop’s brand and your audience.
  • Helps foster repeat business since you are being helpful to your customers instead of simply trying to sell to them. This builds top-of-mind awareness and a positive association with you and your brand.
  • Particularly helps manufacturing businesses with long sales cycles by staying top-of-mind and staying in touch with customers and prospects. Which increases the likelihood that when they are ready to buy – you are who they think of.
  • And many more
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The Rico Group understands that many businesses don’t have the time to create consistent quality content. Let us take care of the strategy and creation of your content for you. We have programs to suit the needs of your job shop and achieve your specific goals.